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Monday, April 23
In Business since 1933!
Fuller Supply Company started its business in 1933. We even have a picture to prove it. Yes, there was an actual Mr. Fuller. His partner was Richard Jewell who later became the second owner. They were wholesalers of hardware, plumbing, welding, industrial and water well pumps. In fact, pumps always have been our specialty.

Transition in the '60's & '70's

Thomas Bednarek came on board in the 1960’s as the company’s certified public accountant, auditing their books. He was offered to buy the company from Mr. Jewell in 1966. So he did!

All in the Family

Phillip Bednarek (Tom’s son) joined the company as a high school helper in 1974. After graduating from Michigan State University he worked for Blackmer Pump (Dover Corp.) in their engineering dept. Then in 1983 Phil joined the family management team and began to purchase control of the company. He is now President and majority stockholder.

Leading the Future!
Today we specialize in the pump market of water systems. Our emphasis is on the Water Well, Environmental, Commercial, Sewage and Sprinkling markets. Along with that lead, we supply all the controls and associated supplies to make a complete package system.

Much of our success can be attributed to the fabulous employees we have, that serve our customers well. Several of them worked here for 25 years and even 40 years! (eg. Edna Dykes & Martin Postma.) The tradition continues today.

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